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Wooden Bug Box & Accessories


   Handmade with love

Awaken a love for nature and the outdoors with this luxury wood and leather bug box from Envirokid.

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Gift includes:
1 x Envirokid bug box
1 x real magnifying glass
3 x pretend bugs
1 x butterfly stickers
1 x fun fact Bug Book

Warning (Use under adult supervision, accessories not recommended for children under 3 due to small parts and glass).

A bug box is a toy that always finds its way onto every child’s birthday or Christmas wish list at some point in their childhood. Kids of all ages find this set of toys to be popular. This toy gives them the fun and joy of catching, observing, learning and releasing. The perfect educational gift  for little explorers.

Why we think our Envirokid bug box  makes the best kids gift

All our Envirokid toys aim to keep children entertained in a wholesome way. We love the outdoors and our children’s gifts aim to keep children busy, full of wonder and away from too much technology.

These toys are most popular with kids because children love to explore the world around them, their little inquisitive minds want to know all the why’s and how’s.  Our toy bug box comes with a fun facts booklet that will introduce them to some interesting information about their creepy crawly friends and they can count how many eyes a spider has with their mini magnifying glass.

Often a child’s first pet of their very own is a snail or worm. With a bug box, they increase their interest in animals and nature, they learn that animals, like us, need food and water and learn compassion for creatures smaller then them.

If they are not quite ready to touch those crawly creatures, they can scare mom and dad with the realistic toy bug accessories included in the gift set! This imaginative toy is great because it encourages explorative and creative play.

Lastly our good looking luxury wooden bug box can be used as a great décor for a kid’s bedroom.

PresentDrop’s Top 10 Best Toys for Kids 2020

This is a great gift idea for young kids as it encourages imagination and keeps them active and outdoors. Because this toy encourages wonder, imagination and exploration it is our number 1 kids gift for 2020.



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