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Every One hates picking up toys, now they can easily play and clean up with this nifty play mat that doubles up as a toy bag!

Their Story

I remember the days when as a young mother I was continuously confronted with the back-breaking chore of picking up a variety of toys and packing them in a large box – inevitably there were times when one of my 2 children wanted a particular toy to play with or take to gran’s house and as luck would have it that  toy would be at the bottom of the box. So… I’d have to empty the whole box and then once I’d found the desired toy put all the rest back! What a pain! And don’t get me started on the problems I had with my kids Lego!

Fast forward to 2013 and it was with my nose buried in a particularly bad Crime Novel that I read about what I can only describe as, a child’s play mat that doubled as a toy bag with one easy tug of a couple of cords. The character’s lounge was now ship shape and my imagination went into over drive. Gave up on the book, set up my sewing machine instead and after a number of failed attempts, planning and tweaking (NOT “twerking”) the “Tidy Tot” was born, and so far the feedback we’ve received has been faaaantastic with orders coming in from friends AND friends of friends AND friends of friends of… well you get the picture!

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