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Just Peel & Pour – No Glue, No Mess!

Sand Art is a wonderful, entertaining craft for kids. A fantastic Birthday gift idea.


Their Story

In 2002 my wife and I were involved at our local craft market, and noticed that there was not enough entertainment for kids. We started experimenting with Sandart in a small spare room at our home and after many failures, managed to produce a few “sticky” designs and some coloured sand. We then introduced this to the kids at our market. They absolutely loved it and the parents were happy, because they could then browse around at the market while we kept their children busy.

We soon received requests from other people who wanted to offer the same activity at their local markets. At that stage we had limited stock to cater for our own needs only, and soon had to determine how to manufacture the product in higher quantities, as there were no guidelines, processes and proper equipment in place. We then decided that, if we could not produce an unique and high quality product, we won’t pursue this venture any longer. But after many efforts, sweat and tears, our persistence paid off and Idea Factory was born.

The spare room became too small and we had to move to a wooden shed in our backyard, and eventually to a factory in town. Idea Factory now employs 11 full-time staff and supplies to more than 200 local and international distributors. We believe that caring for our staff and distributors, attention to detail, thinking outside the box, and listening to our customers, are all qualities that contribute to our success and a great product. Idea Factory continues to grow and generate many happy Sand artists!

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