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Egg Sprudel


The question is always: “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

In Beanland it is definitely the Egg Sprudel.

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Includes 1 Egg Sprudel

Everybody loves the experience of an egg hatching and a beautiful creature appearing from the inside. Now the children can have the same “egg-sperience” while having a bath.

Unlike a chicken egg hatching in 21 days, the Egg Sprudel “hatches” in less than 3 minutes, while colouring the bathwater and making the bathroom smell beautiful! The bonus is, the hatchling grows to full size within a couple of seconds.

With over 40 different foam shapes hatching from the 3 colours of Egg Sprudels, there is always something interesting for the whole family.

The Egg Sprudel will motivate & excite children to take a bath while teaching them about mixing colours in the water.

Product Description: The Egg Sprudel range comes in three forms; blue egg with red dots, turquoise egg with yellow dots & orange egg with green dots. Egg Sprudels are carefully themed to release sponges with egg-laying animals only, which will encourage educational fun for all involved.
Product Dimensions: Weight of individual Egg Sprudel: 65g. Dimension: 45mm X 45mm X 68mm
Egg Bath Sprudel Description: The Egg Sprudel comprises of an egg shape – with six differently coloured dots. It fizzes for about a minute, changing the colour of the bathwater, producing foam while simultaneously releasing an aromatic fragrance. The Sprudel also contains a chunky, egg-laying sponge character which magically appears after the fizz. The Egg Sprudels come individually packaged. It is a bath experience designed for children 3 years and above.

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